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IT JOB OPENING for Laser Cookie Studio

Hello Everybody!

Laser Cookie Studio is looking to hire! We are a startup with core focuses on game app development for the Android and iOS platform. We along with our South Korean partners are looking to spearhead our Indonesian operation by building and recruiting our first full-time development team based in JAKARTA.

What kind of people are we looking for? We welcome experienced individuals in the game industry looking to make a mark for themselves in this highly-competitive market. Whether you are a graphic artist that draws inspirations from Marvel or Anime, a programmer who enjoys coding ideas into reality, or a server engineer who ensures that a game runs smooth and nice.

We want creative individuals who are open-minded and receptive. People who enjoy playing games not just as a hobby, but a lifelong passion. Folks who enjoy the process of formulating a game idea and making it happen. We believe games are here to stay, and with the rapid rise of game apps, we would like to showcase our ideas and definition of "fun" to the world.

We are currently looking for the following positions:

[Graphics Designer]
1) 2D Graphic Skills (Characters, Backgrounds) / Adobe PhotoShop Skills
2) 3D Graphic Skills (Characters, Backgrounds) / 3ds Max Skills
3) UI (User Interface) Graphic design skills
4) Game effect development skills
5) Experience in unity 3D development (Preferred)

[Client Programmer]
1) Expertise or at least intermediate in using c ++, c#
2) Intermediate skills in using Unity 3D or up
3) Able to use STL
4) Experience and understanding of design patterns
5) Experience and understanding of OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
6) Knowledge and experience in data algorism

[Server Programmer]
1) Able to handle C++ well
2) Experience in STL (standard template library), Boost ASIO
3) Experience in Server model WSAAsyncSelect, WSAEventSelect, Overlapped I/O (Event, Callback), Completion Port I/O (IOCP Non-Albertable, Albertable)
4) One who understands MultiThread
5) ADO or ODBC work capablility or Data Base related work capability
* This is the specification that is recommended for server programmer with good skills.
* The most important aspects of server programmer is handling of C++ language, Boost ASIO, and IOCP
* In the worst case the server should at least be able to handle C++ well

Send an e-mail containing your resume and desired position to lasercookiestudio@gmail.com. A more detailed company profile of us can be emailed upon request.

Thanks and ENJOY GUYS!

Laser Cookie Studio

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